Thea Astley's Fictional Worlds

'This landmark contribution to Australian literary studies is the first collection of critical responses to the work of one of our most important novelists, Thea Astley. As well as essays from leading Australian and international critics, dating from 1967 to the present, it includes three essays by Astley herself, a major interview with her and the first Thea Astley lecture, given by Kate Grenville in 2005.' Professor Elizabeth Webby...

The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife

This fascinating and well written book develops a sociology of infidelity, bringing insight into marriage, monogamy, relationships, and internet dating that will be useful for researchers examining relationships, professors teaching classes about the family, sexuality, and gender, and counselors of patients who are involved with infidelity. I was intrigued by the details of how women who cheat think about their actions, form and nego...

The Little Book of Dating Rules

Dating can be a scary business, a minefield of potential embarrassment, rejection and humiliation, but you only have to look at the people who have succeeded to see that it’s not impossible. Luckily, there are rules to make the game easier to understand and play. These were invented to ensure that everyone got a fair chance and could end up with something more than just a wooden spoon and a patronising pat on the head. So whether you...

The Dating Playbook For Men

I’ve just got done reading this book and all I gotta say,there’s a lot of information to take from this amazing book. After reading it,my whole perception on dating and how I infer viewed it changed dramatically. I am on a whole different mindset when it comes to not only trying to find the girl one my dreams,but to also become the man I’ve so desperately want to be,and this book gives some really useful tips on how to achieve both! ...

Approach: The Ultimate Guide To Meeting Women & Developing Confidence In Dating

If you read one book about dating, make it this one... The author obviously learned his lessons in the field, conversation after conversation, rejection after rejection. His writing is very authentic and flows well as he explains the subtleties of dating. That's really what I like about this book. Practical! - Manak goes over the important stuff but cuts out fluffy useless conversations. I'd say I'm pretty experienced in this area an...

Online Dating For Asian Men

If you are an Asian guy, you should know how difficult it is for us to date hot and intelligent women in a white dominated world. My white friends told me it’s so easy to get a date and get laid on Tinder and OKCupid. But I have to do the hard way and approach random women in real life. Because for me, that’s the only chance I have to at least get the attention of the women who are “out of my league.” Because online game is heavily b...

A Life-Cycle Approach to Treating Couples: From Dating to Death

A thorough, thoughtful, wise guide to couples and couple therapy throughout the life cycle by a leading teacher of family therapy. This book is a great resource both to therapists and to couples navigating life's journey. Richly researched, well written--a great contribution to the couple therapy literature! Anne Fishel has succinctly integrated research on couples in several phases of couple life. She uses this research to imagine h...

What Men with Asperger Syndrome Want to Know About Women, Dating and Relationships

This book provides information and wisdom on how someone with Asperger syndrome can achieve, maintain and enjoy a successful long-term relationship. The content resonates with my experience of supporting and guiding so many adults with Asperger syndrome seeking a partner or requesting relationship counselling, from a couple who have only recently fallen in love to those who have been together for decades and become grandparents. If y...

Dating Again with Courage and Confidence

Whether you're unhappily single, or recovering from a recent breakup, Dating Again with Courage and Confidence gives you a five-step program to give you new dating confidence. We all know that dating can be scary, frustrating, and at times overwhelming. It's no wonder women need to take a break sometimes, but what do you do when you’re ready to begin dating again? Renowned relationship expert and author of the Flirting Bible, Fran Gr...

Gathering Time: Dating the Early Neolithic Enclosures of Southern Britain and Ireland

Gathering Time presents the results of a major dating programme that re-writes the early Neolithic of Britain by more accurately dating enclosures, a phenomenon that first appeared in the early Neolithic: places of construction, labour, assembly, ritual and deposition. The project has combined hundreds of new radiocarbon dates with hundreds of existing dates, using a Bayesian statistical framework. Such formal chronological modelling...