The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Lattice Dystrophy

This is a "must have" reference book for patients, parents, caregivers, and libraries with medical collections. This sourcebook is organized into three parts. Part I explores basic techniques to researching lattice dystrophy (e.g. finding guidelines on diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis), followed by a number of topics, including information on how to get in touch with organizations, associations, or other patient networks dedicate...

When Dieting Becomes Dangerous

Deborah Michel and Susan Willard have drawn from their wealth of experience treating patients in one of the most enduring and effective inpatient eating disorders programs to create a concise introduction to anorexia nervosa and bulimia. When Dieting Becomes Dangerous is written plainly enough to provide a working knowledge of eating disorders to patients and families while going into sufficient depth to give treating professionals a...

Eating Disorders in Women and Children

Your daughter, mother, or someone in your care may have an eating disorder. Would you know? Whether you work in health care, counseling, education, athletics, or you are a concerned family member, you will find that Eating Disorders in Women and Children: Prevention, Stress Management, and Treatment develops a broader understanding of eating disorder etiology and helps you apply the knowledge in your particular setting. Research now ...

Diet Diversification and Health Promotion

About half of the global burden of disease is due to chronic noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, which are all related to modifiable risk factors such as unbalanced diet and malnutrition as well as determinants such as behavior and lifestyle. Dietary patterns during the last few decades have undergone a general shift towards high energy density and fatty foods combined wi...

Nutrition and Exercise Concerns of Middle Age

Many health professionals today seem to approach sports nutrition and physical activity recommendations with a "one size fits all" approach. Surprisingly, little consideration goes into addressing the changing needs of athletes as they progress in age. Nutrition and Exercise Concerns of Middle Age addresses the specific nutritional and physical activity needs of active individualsthirty tosixty years old. Judy A. Driskell, one of the...

Lying in Weight: The Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders in Adult Women

A girl with an eating disorder grows up. And then what? In this groundbreaking new book, science journalist Trisha Gura, Ph.D., explodes the myth that those who suffer from eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are primarily teenage girls. In reality, these diseases linger from adolescence or emerge anew in the lives of adult women in ways that we are only starting to recognize. Millions of American women ...

Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms. A practical handbook

“HEALING WITH MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS, A practical handbook” recommends the use of medicinal mushrooms for the treatment of different pathologies in various medical fields. While explaining key-concepts and giving some practical rules the author, Dr Walter Ardigò, informs professionals and patients on how medicinal mushrooms act positively on the symptoms and causes of many illnesses. This practical handbook helps to select the most suit...

Body-States: Interpersonal and Relational Perspectives on the Treatment of Eating Disorders

In this edited volume, Jean Petrucelli brings together the work of talented clinicians and researchers steeped in working with eating disordered patients for the past 10 to 35 years. Eating disorders are about body-states and their relational meanings. The split of mindbody functioning is enacted in many arenas in the eating disordered patient’s life. Concretely, a patient believes that disciplining or controlling his or her body is ...

Mindfulness and Acceptance for Treating Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns

Disordered eating, negative body image, and problems with weight have become an epidemic—and research shows that traditional treatments are not always effective. This professional resource offers proven-effective interventions using mindfulness and acceptance for treating clients with disordered eating, body image, or weight issues—and for whom other treatments have failed. Millions of people in the United States suffer from eating d...