Solving Practical Engineering Mechanics Problems: Advanced Kinetics

Engineering Mechanics is one of the fundamental branches of science which is important for the education of professional engineers regardless of major. Most of the basic engineering courses, such as mechanics of materials, fluid and gas mechanics, machine design, mechatronics, acoustics and vibrations, etc., are based on the Engineering Mechanics course. In order to absorb the materials of Engineering Mechanics, it is not enough to j...

Fluid Mechanics, Water Hammer, Dynamic Stresses and Piping Design

For some, the use of the term "water hammer" evokes images of broken and bent piping, multi-million dollar damages, the loss of water supplies to cities, and the deaths of individuals due to water hammer accidents. Water hammer may be defined as an extreme fluid transient, occasionally recognized by loud banging, or hammering sounds, sometimes associated with fluid transients, which are caused by flow rate changes and resultant press...

A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

Chapter 1. Properties of Fluids Chapter 2. Pressure and Its Measurement Chapter 3. Hydrostatic Forces on Surfaces Chapter 4. Buoyancy and Floatation Chapter 5. Kinematics of Flow and Ideal Flow Chapter 6. Dynamics of Fluid Flow Chapter 7. Orifices and Mouthpieces Chapter 8. Notches and Weirs Chapter 9. Viscous Flow Chapter 10. Turbulent Flow Chapter 11. Flow Through Pipes Chapter 12. Dimensional and Model Analysis Chapter 13. Boundar...

Wave Propagation in Fluids

This edition presents the physical principles and solution techniques for transient propagation in fluid mechanics and hydraulics. The application domains vary including contaminant transport with or without sorption, the motion of immiscible hydrocarbons in aquifers, pipe transients, open channel and shallow water flow, and compressible gas dynamics. The mathematical formulation is covered from the angle of conservation laws, with a...

Monte Carlo Methods in Mechanics of Fluid and Gas

This book is devoted to analysis of Monte Carlo methods developed in rarefied gas dynamics. Presented is the short history of the development of such methods, described are their main properties, their advantages and deficiencies. It is shown that the contemporary stage in the progress of computational methods cannot be regarded without a complex approach to the preparation of algorithms taking into account all the peculiarities of t...

Fluid Mechanics Aspects of Fire and Smoke Dynamics in Enclosures

This book aims at fulfilling the need for a handbook at undergraduate and starting researcher level on fire and smoke dynamics in enclosures, giving fluid mechanics aspects a central role. Fluid mechanics are essential at the level of combustion, heat transfer and fire suppression, but they are described only cursorily in most of the existing fire safety science literature, including handbooks. The scope of this handbook ranges from ...

Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Third Edition

This book provides readers with the most current, accurate, and practical fluid mechanics related applications that the practicing BS level engineer needs today in the chemical and related industries, in addition to a fundamental understanding of these applications based upon sound fundamental basic scientific principles. The emphasis remains on problem solving, and the new edition includes many more examples.

Geometry, Language And Strategy: The Dynamics Of Decision Processes - Volume 2

The first volume, Geometry, Language and Strategy, extended the concepts of Game Theory, replacing static equilibrium with a deterministic dynamic theory. The first volume opened up many applications that were only briefly touched on. To study the consequences of the deterministic approach in contrast to standard Bayesian approaches, the richness of applications, requires an engineering foundation and discipline, which this volume su...

Mechanics of Groundwater in Porous Media

Provides a Balance between the Mathematical and Physical Aspects and the Engineering Applications Written for engineering and science students, Mechanics of Groundwater in Porous Media explains groundwater from both a mathematical and qualitative standpoint. The book builds up the theory of groundwater flow starting from basic physics and geometric intuition, and on to applied practice through real-world engineering problems. It incl...

Blue Planet : Fluid Mechanics

This Blue Planet sourcebook includes everything players and moderators need to incorporate high technology into their games.Detailed descriptions of new equipment and technology, from infantry-support weapons to fusion-powered torchships Information about specific equipment models manufactured by the Incorporate, from the Hanover Autoworks Hurricane™ jumpracer to the MacLeod Silva Special™ 14mm Magnum.