Mighty Minerals (Checkerboard Science Library: Rock On!)
Mighty Minerals (Checkerboard Science Library: Rock On!)

Dig into the world of geology with the Rock On! series! Mighty Minerals introduces readers to what minerals are, how they form, and how we use them today. Chapters discuss how to identify minerals, including color, luster, streak, fracture, hardness, specific gravity, magnetism, and fluorescence. A colorful diagram of the rock cycle furthers understanding of mineral formation and an at-home experiment provides the opportunity for han...

The Geology of Mars: Evidence from Earth-Based Analogs

Interpretations of the geological processes operating on Mars are based on our knowledge of processes occurring on Earth. This 2007 book presents contributions from leading planetary geologists to demonstrate the parallels and differences between these two planets, and will therefore be a key reference for students and researchers of planetary science.

Microbial Biomass: A Paradigm Shift In Terrestrial Biogeochemistry

Microbial Biomass informs readers of the ongoing global revolution in understanding soil and ecosystem processes. The first paper on the subject was written by David Jenkinson in 1966, and here new insights and expansions are given on the fascinating world of soil microbial processes. In terms of contemporary issues, it also serves to support urgent efforts to sustainably manage land to feed a growing world population without comprom...

Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay

The south-east Queensland region is currently experiencing the most rapid urbanization in Australia. This growth in human population, industry and infrastructure puts pressure on the unique and diverse natural environment of Moreton Bay. Much loved by locals and holiday-goers, Moreton Bay is also an important biogeographic region because its coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves and saltmarshes provide a supportive environment for bo...

Ultimate Acadia: 50 Reasons to Visit Maine's National Park, 2nd Edition

Ultimate Acadia is the essential book about Maine's Mount Desert Island, providing everything you need to know to make the most of your time there. Thoroughly revised and updated, the book is compiled as a kind of bucket list, suggesting 50 things to do and see to make the absolute most of your time in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, and the surrounding villages and environs. It includes history, natural history, geology, profiles ...

Granite, Fire, and Fog

"This is a park guidebook, an introduction to glaciated geology, a treatise on plant ecology, a history of an elite playground for the rich, and a story of the evolution of a national park. Though it is the work of an academic ecologist, it offers a very personal perspective. . . . The work is more a collection of essays than a text, but this style serves as a sound introduction to Acadia. The spare, clear language makes this a reada...

Hiking Virginia: (State Hiking Guides Series), 4th Edition

Winner of a National Outdoor Book Award Honorable Mention, Hiking Virginia is indispensable for exploring the Commonwealth. Authors Bill and Mary Burnham breath fresh air into popular Virginia destinations, and explore commonly overlooked yet equally dramatic hikes. Explore the history of a young American nation; watch stories of lost cultures come alive; and imagine the ghosts of Indian raiders, moonshiners, and outlaws haunting the...

Speleological and Karst Glossary of Florida and the Caribbean

A growing community of scientists, land-management decision makers, and cavers are concerned about the protection of natural resources and want to share research among themselves. But few of them are fluent in each discipline’s jargon, and cavers and geologists in particular who want to share their discoveries find it difficult to understand each other. Sandra Poucher and Rick Copeland have created this comprehensive karst glossary t...

The Geology Companion

This practical guidebook provides a basic grounding in the principles of geology and explains how to apply them. Using this book, readers will be able to figure out whether they are standing on an ancient seafloor, coal swamp, or sand dune. They will be able to determine the geologic hazards in their neighborhood, where to look for fossils and minerals, or where best to drill a water well. In plain English, The Geology Companion shed...

The Visual Dictionary of Universe & Earth

The Visual Dictionary of Universe and Earth takes the reader into a fascinating journey through cosmos to discover celestial bodies, astronomical observation equipment and astronautics, and then provides a complete view of our planet through geography, geology, meteorology and environment. Convenient and affordable, this book is the perfect tool to improve your knowledge of our world!