Embedded Device Security: Pwn the Device

This book is an introduction for the reader into the wonderful world of embedded device exploitation. The book is supposed to be a tutorial guide that helps a reader understand the various skills required for hacking an embedded device. As the world is getting more and more into the phenomenon of "Internet of Things", such skill sets can be useful to hack from a simple intelligent light bulb to hacking into a car.

Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook, 5th Edition

Great book, with detail information for us in the Cyber Security space. the training in it as well will help those work on the skills they need to either be Penetration testers or better at Cyber Security related events. Extremely informative on current cybersecurity hacking and design of system/networks. I'm collecting all the Gray Hat Hacking series. Can't wait for number 6 and on to come out. to bad Shon Harris is gone, but the re...

Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook

Prevent catastrophic network attacks by exposing security flaws, fixing them, and ethically reporting them to the software author. Fully expanded to cover the hackers's latest devious methods, Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook, Second Edition lays out each exploit alongside line-by-line code samples, detailed countermeasures, and moral disclosure procedures. Find out how to execute effective penetration tests, use fuzze...

Hacking and Securing iOS Applications

This book is a little older than I expect. They do most of the examples in iOS 7. However, you can still jail break iOS 8.3 and run the examples. If you are a current iOS 9 user I don't know what the fate of jail breaking will be with OS. I would do research on it prior to purchasing. Even if you don't do the examples / tutorials. It is a very enlightening read about Apple products. You should read just for the knowledge.

Beautiful Security: Leading Security Experts Explain How They Think

Like O'Reilly's Beautiful Teams, this book's a series of essays by industry experts, this time focused on security. The various authors do a great job of covering topics from social engineering to forcing firms to focus on security. The chapters are all well-written, although a few do better jobs of keeping the material interesting and flowing. You'll find plenty of security-related history in the book. Phil Zimmerman's chapter on PG...

Security, Privacy, and Anonymization in Social Networks

Technology has become profoundly integrated into modern society; however, this increases the risk of vulnerabilities, such as hacking and other system errors, along with other online threats. Security, Privacy, and Anonymization in Social Networks: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source for the most up-to-date research on edge clustering models and weighted social networks. Presenting widespread coverage ac...

101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius, 2nd Edition

CREATE FIENDISHLY FUN SPY TOOLS AND COUNTERMEASURES Fully updated throughout, this wickedly inventive guide is packed with a wide variety of stealthy sleuthing contraptions you can build yourself. 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius, Second Edition also shows you how to reclaim your privacy by targeting the very mechanisms that invade your space. Find out how to disable several spy devices by hacking easily available appliances into ...

World of Walls: The Structure, Roles and Effectiveness of Separation Barriers

"We’re going to build a wall." Borders have been drawn since the beginning of time, but in recent years artificial barriers have become increasingly significant to the political conversation across the world. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States while promising to build a wall on the Mexico border, and in Europe, the international movements of migrants and refugees have sparked fierce discussion about whether and h...

Hacking et Forensic - Développez vos propres outils en Python (2e édition)

Ce livre s'adresse à toute personne désirant apprendre le Python pour le Hacking et Forensic et se former à la conception d'outils en Python ainsi qu'aux professionnels de la sécurité informatique, du Forensic. Il a pour objectif de conduire le lecteur à une bonne compréhension de bibliothèques spécifiques Python pour qu'il puisse ensuite concevoir ses outils personnalisés, adaptés à des situations particulières en Hacking et Forensic.

Hacking: The Beginner's Complete Guide To Computer Hacking And Penetration Testing

Have You Always Wondered If Hacking Has Any Benefits? Are You Interested In Penetration Testing To Examine Security Strength? Then I Invite You To Take Advantage Of My Limited Time Discount! Cyber crime is the biggest threat that every organization on the planet faces today! And it’s not just the organizations that are vulnerable. People too are at risk of being targeted by hackers. Inside this book we aim to show you the importance ...