The Gene Revolution: GM Crops and Unequal Development

'A much needed antidote to the highly polemical writing on both sides of the this issue' Raymond C. Oppenheiser, President, Oxfam America '...a hugely valuable contribution to the dialogue and debate surrounding the future of genetic technologies for developing countries.' New Agriculturist 'An accessible introduction to the food and environmental policy issues posed by the Gene Revolution ... should be required reading!' Vernon W. R...

Emotion Marketing: The Hallmark Way of Winning Customers for Life

"Emotion Marketing" presents a powerful formula for engaging customers and employees alike in a meaningful relationship with enlightened leadership. This work should dispel any doubt about the value of pro-people practices in business. Engaging the commitment of 20,000 employees and millions of customers is no small task. Yet, in a world of corporate downsizing, worker alienation, and customer distrust, Hallmark has developed the abi...

Sports Marketing and the Psychology of Marketing Communication

Sports marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing communication. This book advances understanding in this emerging area. It presents sports marketing in a scholarly and comprehensive way, covering major topics of discussion in sports marketing and the psychology of communication. Several new, innovative topics are introduced, such as SportNEST and consumption communities, and many classic topics are brought up to date...

The Best of Senior Portrait Photography

Bill Hunter has hit a grand slam. subtitle of the book is Techniques of images for digital photographers. This book has 8 chapters and takes you from the, The Changing Face of Senior Photography to Senior Portraiture in Practice. This is a journey many photographers should consider in taking as a refresher for vets, or a game plan for those starting out. Many photographer want to jump out there and get all into the shot and the equip...

Promotional Screen Industries

"This is a landmark study and a compelling account of productive fieldwork across media in the promotional screen industries. Sets a methodological standard for future production studies research. Its careful, interview-based, multi-year ethnography mines theoretical insights from complex creative labor and institutional practices rather than from textual theories. The book effectively underscores the clear value of scholar-practitio...

Marketing Research with IBM® SPSS Statistics : A Practical Guide

Marketing researchers, companies and business schools need to be able to use statistical procedures correctly and accurately interpret the outputs, yet generally these people are scared off by the statistics behind the different analyses procedures, thus they often rely on external sources to come up with profound answers to the proposed research questions. In an accessible and step by step approach, the authors show readers which pr...

It's My Party and I'll Knit If I Want To!

As a new knitter, Sharon Aris explores the history & culture of knitting in Australia. She participates in drop in knit clinics, knitting guild meetings, an engineered pub knitting event and an online knitting community. She interviews shop owners, teachers, mill employees and other knitters about their hobby. I liked the way this book set the context for the current knitting boomlet in terms of the history of the craft, third-wa...

Air Transport Management: An international perspective

Commercial air transport is a global multimillion dollar industry that underpins the world economy and facilitates the movement of over 3 billion passengers and 50 million tonnes of air freight worldwide each year. With a clearly structured topic-based approach, this textbook presents readers with the key issues in air transport management, including: aviation law and regulation, economics, finance, airport and airline management, en...

Landscape and Branding : The Promotion and Production of Place

Landscape and branding explores the way landscape is conceptualised, conceived, represented and designed by professionals in a brand-driven age. Landscape - incorporating tangible physical space as well as intangible concepts, narratives, images, and experiences of place - is constructed by a number of creative industries. This book tests the hypothesis that place branding, a powerful marketing and management practice, increasingly b...

Fashion Marketing: Influencing Consumer Choice and Loyalty with Fashion Products

Fashion is everywhere! Fashion transcends domains and applies to almost any kind of product (e.g., apparel, cars, digital devices, food, literature, trips, music, house decoration, personal wellness). Fashion greatly influences public interest, media coverage, and product success. The global fashion apparel industry, for example, is one of the most important in terms of investments, trade, and employment while depending upon unpredic...