MATLAB for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students and Professionals: With Simulink

This book combines the teaching of the MATLAB® programming language with the presentation and development of carefully selected electrical and computer engineering (ECE) fundamentals. This is what distinguishes it from other books concerned with MATLAB®: it is directed specifically to ECE concerns. Students will see, quite explicitly, how and why MATLAB® is well suited to solve practical ECE problems. This book is intended primari...

Vibration Simulation Using MATLAB and ANSYS

Transfer function form, zpk, state space, modal, and state space modal forms. For someone learning dynamics for the first time or for engineers who use the tools infrequently, the options available for constructing and representing dynamic mechanical models can be daunting. It is important to find a way to put them all in perspective and have them available for quick reference. It is also important to have a strong understanding of m...

Elementi di programmazione in Matlab

MATLAB rappresenta una piattaforma software ottimizzata per la risoluzione di problemi scientifici e di progettazione. In essa sono integrati il calcolo, la visualizzazione e la programmazione in un ambiente di facile impiego, in cui i problemi e le soluzioni sono espressi in una notazione matematica familiare. In questo libro sono affrontati tutti gli argomenti necessari per iniziare a programmare in ambiente MATLAB partendo da zero...

DC Servos: Application and Design with MATLAB

Fundamental to the control of mechatronic devices, the servomechanism applies feedback from the device in question to regulate its position, velocity, or some other physical attribute. Successful mastery of servo control requires an understanding ofa wide range ofengineering disciplines, makingit difficult and time-consumingto master it all―and even harder to find anall-encompassing guide that shows you how. DC Servos: Application an...

MATLAB® Primer for Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

MATLAB® Primer for Speech Language Pathology and Audiology provides training and access to MATLAB®, the computational language developed by MathWorks®. While there are MATLAB® textbooks and manuals written for the field of engineering, there are no textbooks targeting allied heath disciplines, particularly speech-language pathology and audiology. Research and practice in this field can greatly benefit from quantification and automati...

Physical Modeling in MATLAB

An introductory textbook for people who have not programmed before. Covers basic MATLAB programming with emphasis on modeling and simulation of physical systems.


MATLAB has the tool Neural Network Toolbox that provides algorithms, functions, and apps to create, train, visualize, and simulate neural networks. You can perform classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, time-series forecasting, and dynamic system modeling and control. The toolbox includes convolutional neural network and autoencoder deep learning algorithms for image classification and feature learning task...

Introductory MATLAB Lab Manual: Humanitarian Data Analysis and Mathematical Models

Exploratory data analysis and Calculus based models presented in the form of MATLAB labs adds a new dimension to basic quantitative skills, statistics, and calculus courses which cover differential equations or math modeling. Assuming that many students have never used MATLAB before, we begin with an introductory MATLAB Beginner's Guide" to provide the bare essentials needed to work on the ensuing labs. All of the labs have been desi...

MATLAB Numerical Methods with Chemical Engineering Applications

A practical, professional guide to MATLAB computational techniques and engineering applications MATLAB Numerical Methods with Chemical Engineering Applications shows you, step by step, how to use MATLAB® to model and simulate physical problems in the chemical engineering realm. Written for MATLAB 7.11, this hands-on resource contains concise explanations of essential MATLAB commands, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for using t...

Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB

Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB® is a text for engineering students and a reference for practicing engineers, especially those who wish to explore the power and efficiency of MATLAB®. Examples and applications were chosen for their relevance to real world problems, and where numerical solutions are most efficient. Numerical methods are discussed thoroughly and illustrated with problems involving both hand computation and...