Origami on the Edge

I grew up folding origami animals and simple shapes, and I thought that's all there was to origami. I even said that to a friend whom I knew to be an advanced folder, and he responded by showing me some of the models from this book. Wow--they were definitely more exciting than the cranes and water bombs I remembered folding! I would recommend this book to anyone who has folded origami a fair amount and maybe grown tired of "the basic...

Sticky Note Origami: 25 Designs to Make at Your Desk

This book shows you how to reach out during an interminable phone call, or boring meeting, peel off a sticky note and craft something beautiful. Including 3-D animals, posies that can be used to attach messages, geometric designs, and more, 20 projects are shown in clear step-by-step diagrams with photography of the finished piece.

Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs

If Eric Gjerde’s new book Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs needed an alternative title, it might be: Origami: It’s not just for kids any more! Of course origami has never been just for kids, but this book should convince you that you can create some great art using origami techniques. . . . The projects are graded as beginner, intermediate and advanced, but 'beginner' should be interpreted as someone who has pre...

A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami

Welcome to the mysterious realm of polyhedra in origami. Join origami master John Montroll as he takes you on an exploration into the secrets of folding these beautiful shapes, using only a single square sheet of paper for each. Using remarkably innovative techniques, you can create your own seemingly impossible polyhedra. This revised edition includes four new models and more efficient folding procedures for several of the other des...

Ultimate Origami for Beginners

Make fun and simple paper craft projects with this easy origami kit. Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit is the perfect paper craft kit for origami beginners and children. World-renowned origami designers and artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander have selected paper folding projects from several popular origami categories that include: traditional origami, modern origami, origami flowers, paper airplanes, cute, cuddly an...

Story-gami Kit: Create Origami Using Folding Stories

Act out cute stories while you fold origami projects with this unique and easy origami kit. The joy in folding origami is often found in the deceptively simple magic of transforming a single piece of paper into a recognizable object. All too often, the steps it takes to transform paper into origami designs can be frustrating. Story-gami Kit is an innovative new paper craft kit from world renowned origami artists, Michael G. LaFosse a...

Prehistoric Origami: Dinosaurs and Other Creatures: Second Revised Edition

In this fascinating collection of origami projects, John Montroll, one of America’s foremost origami artists, teaches you to create models of the world’s most celebrated extinct animals, each folded from a single square sheet of paper. Paper crafters can make amazingly detailed paper replicas of the Tyrannosaurus, the Stegosaurus, the Pterodactylus, the Triceratops, the Apatosaurus, and many of the other monsters that seize the imagi...

Modern Origami

Clear instructions, diagrams, drawings, and photographs help you complete over 60 fascinating projects — from the relatively simple four-point star, water lily, and sitting crane to the more complex ballet dancer, Egyptian cat, and dachshund. Challenging subjects for intermediate and advanced paperfolders. Over 500 black-and-white illustrations. New Preface by author.

Creative Origami and Beyond

Packed with prompts, tips, exercises, and engaging step-by-step projects, Creative Origami & Beyond takes readers through a dynamic exploration of the traditional art form. A centuries-old art form, origami has taken on new depth in today's art world, influencing trends in fashion, interior design, exhibition art, and more. Creative Origami & Beyond takes this traditional art form to new levels, guiding readers through a dyna...