Cybernethisms: Aldo Giorgini's Computer Art Legacy

Working extensively as both artist and scientist, Aldo Giorgini (1934–1994) was one of the first computer artists to combine software writing with early printing technologies. His innovative process involved producing pen-plotted drawings that were embellished by painting, drawing, photography, and screen printing. This biography is the first to uncover the remarkable work and life of an underappreciated artist, providing insights in...

Photography, History, Difference

"This collection engages with an impressive array of sources to propose a welcome expansion of the notion of 'difference' in photography. . . . Beyond the deconstruction of the white male Western gaze, what is offered here is a more radical decentering of 'photography, ' envisioned both in its infinite historical diversity and as a global apparatus of visuality."--Francois Brunet, professor of art and literature of the United States,...

The Modern Thai House: Innovative Designs in Tropical Asia

"The Modern Thai House features twenty-five houses selected by Robert Powell. Mainly designed by young architects in Bangkok and Chiangmai, these have been created in the last five years. I am impressed by the freshness and diversity of these contemporary works. There is an enjoyable consistency in the way that the lush vegetation, pools of water and often magnificent views weave through and around the architecture. The photography i...

Taschen - 20th Century Photography

A fascinating insight into the photographic collection of the Museum Ludwig, Cologne whic offers 860 works by around 300 photographers. Images of the century (TASCHEN's) The history of photography began some 150 years ago, but only relatively recently has it been fully recognised as a medium in its own right. Cologne's Museum Ludwig was the first museum of contemporary art to devote a substantial section to international photography....

After the Camera

This is a terrific book for any photographer/artist who admires true artistic creativity and craves inspiration. Thom is a master who continues to accelerate the advancement of his art year after year. This is not a how-to or Photoshop book. Rather, it is a book that provides building blocks of ideas to take your art to the next level. I pretty much can guarantee most readers won't be able to get more than 10 pages into the book with...

Race and Urban Space in Contemporary American Culture

This innovative book looks at representations of ethnic and racial identities in relation to the development of urban culture in postindustrialised American cities. The concept of "urban space" organizes a series of themes that structure chapters on white paranoia and urban decline; memories of urban passage; the racialized underclass; urban crime and justice; and globalisation and citizenship. The book focuses on a range of literary...

Figure Photography: Techniques for Digital Photographers

Top-notch book on figure photography. The author is a professional and covers all areas of figure photography including erotic, fashion, and glamour photography. Of course the focus is on the nude female form. He gives lighting, location, composition and artistic pointers. Everything is useful and spoken from a perspective of experience. The last part of the book covers some actual projects and some interviews with models and casting...

Encaustic Art (Art of Century)

A beautiful, hardbound book with nearly 200, heavy-gauge pages of useful information for the beginning artist who is new to the encaustic medium, as well as great, specific advice and techniques for more seasoned artists. The volume contains clear, concise chapters on how to get started, the materials needed, and beautiful, clear photographs. There are interviews with artists who are experienced with the medium. The interviews show e...

Yoga: The 8 steps to health and peace

The ancient 8-step path to self-discovery illuminated by the world authority on Yoga Yoga Exercise Is Not The End…it IS The Beginning. This is Richard Hittleman's most complete, in-depth presentation of Yoga to date. In explaining the Patanjali structure and how the techniques of six major systems of Yoga can be applied, he now reveals multiple possibilities available to those in quest of fulfillment. Included is the famous Richard H...