Running From Fear: Walking Into the Desert and Finding Life Again

There is no shortage of good books, friends, support groups, therapies, religious teachings, advice and knowledge on how to live a life full of abundance, joy and love. Yet, in so many lives, it barely exists. Fear is the roadblock that keeps us from engaging a life we all desire, but cannot seem to get to because it is always somewhere over there, just out of reach. From our jobs to our relationships, from our past pain to our curre...

Running with Lydiard, 3rd edition

This book is so full of proven knowledge by the author. It is truly a book for both men and women. Old and young. Gives great detail how to grow stamina, what to eat and drink for your bones and muscles. Just absolutely full of knowledge to learn for any runner, beginner or advanced. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Not biased in the least.

Running Form: How to Run Faster and Prevent Injury

For many runners, running technique is an afterthought—one they don’t think about until an injury or plateau keeps them from achieving their goals. Running Form underscores the importance of proper form and shows you how to elevate your performance to the greatest possible extent with the smallest risk of injury. Owen Anderson, PhD, is a coach to elite runners from around the globe. In Running Form, he describes the common problem of...

Nicholas Romanov, Kurt Brungardt - Running revolution (2016)

Il corpo umano è nato per correre ed esiste un modo naturale per farlo sfruttando al meglio la nostra biomeccanica, facendo lavorare muscoli e articolazioni senza danneggiarli e raggiungendo la massima velocità e resistenza. La sedentarietà, scarpe sbagliate e tecniche discutibili hanno modificato la postura naturale che possiamo vedere in qualsiasi bambino che corre. Con il metodo Pose il dottor Romanov, preparatore di fama internaz...

Quick Strength for Runners: 8 Weeks to a Better Runner's Body

Quick Strength for Runners offers a smart, fast-paced strength training program for runners who want to run faster and with fewer injuries. In under an hour a week, runners will strengthen their core and key running muscles to build a better runner's body. Strength training is crucial to better running and injury prevention. But it's difficult to know which exercises work best for runners or to get motivated to hit the gym. In Quick ...

Be a Better Runner: Real World, Scientifically-proven Training Techniques

Written by marathoner and Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee, Sally Edwards, Be A Better Runner addresses every possible concern from posture and form to nutrition, footwear and race strategy. You’ll learn how to adapt running mechanics such as stride and pacing to your body type and fitness level while specific training regimens prepare you for any type of running event including sprints, distance runs, and marathons. Co-authored with ...

Trail Running: The Complete Guide

Get off the pavement and discover the joy of running in nature. If you want to experience the real freedom of running in natural surroundings and if the ever repeating runs in the streets start to bore you, trail running is the right way to improve your running experience. Running Guru Jeff Galloway offers his own approach of getting started with his unique way of guaranteeing an injury free running style. More than 30 chapters cover...

Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation

One of the most challenging tasks for a sports medicine clinician is rehabilitating an injured athlete for a successful return to competition. Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation provides clinicians with the strategies and tools they need to prepare their clients for the physical demands required by their sport. This complete reference helps clinicians understand the important concepts of functional progressions...

Sex Differences in Sports Medicine

This is the first book dedicated to the musculoskeletal, physiological, hormonal, and other differences between the sexes as they manifest in sports medicine. Organized anatomically from head to toe, this unique reference focuses on the sex-specific differences of men and women to inform clinical care and the management of common sports injuries. Other chapters cover nutrition, hormones, concussion, pain, sports cardiology and pulmon...