Plant-Soil Slope Interaction

This inter-disciplinary book provides the latest advanced knowledge of plant effects on vegetated soil properties such as water retention capability, water permeability function, shear strength, slope hydrology, movements and failure mechanisms, and applies this knowledge to the solution of slope stability problems. It is the first book to cover in detail not only the mechanical effects of root reinforcement but more importantly the ...

Microbial Biomass: A Paradigm Shift In Terrestrial Biogeochemistry

Microbial Biomass informs readers of the ongoing global revolution in understanding soil and ecosystem processes. The first paper on the subject was written by David Jenkinson in 1966, and here new insights and expansions are given on the fascinating world of soil microbial processes. In terms of contemporary issues, it also serves to support urgent efforts to sustainably manage land to feed a growing world population without comprom...

Practical Science for Gardeners

Packed full of tips about how to use science to achieve healthier plants and better gardens, this informative and entertaining book will appeal to gardeners at all levels. Includes information on what plants need to survive, seeds and germination, soil, and pests and diseases.

Surfactant Science and Technology

Surfactant research explores the forces responsible for surfactant assembly and the critical industrial, medical, and personal applications, including viscosity control, microelectronics, drug stabilization, drug delivery, cosmetics, enhanced oil recovery, and foods. Surfactant Science and Technology: Retrospects and Prospects, "a Festschrift in honor of Dr. Kash Mittal," provides a broad perspective with chapters contributed by lead...

Soil Colloids: Properties and Ion Binding

Within the field of soil science, soil chemistry encompasses the different chemical processes that take place, including mineral weathering, humification of organic plant residues, and ionic reactions involving natural and foreign metal ions that play significant roles in soil. Chemical reactions occur both in the soil solution and at the soil particle–solution interface―the latter surface reactions being vitally important in soil pr...

The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology (2 volumes)

Comprehensive in scope and accessible to all reader levels, The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology covers a vast range of topics, concepts, issues, processes, and scientists sifted and melded from the many scientific and technological fields. These include atmospheric chemistry, paleoclimatology, biogeography, oceanography, geophysics, glaciology, soil science, and more. Bruce E. Johansen digests the explosion of s...

Fundamentals of Site Remediation: for Metal- and Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils

This introductory manual addresses environmental site restoration practices that both ensure compliance with federal statutes and prevent further contamination or expense. It also includes up-to-date information and several new features to enhance the process. Emphasizing environmental chemistry, soil science, microbiology, plant science, and the underlying chemical processes, author John Pichtel discusses relevant chemical principle...

The Permaculture Transition Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Resilient Living

Caught between climate change and a fossil fuel-driven economy that demands ever more growth, the world faces a great transition—by design or disaster—away from fossil fuels to a less energy intensive future. But what proven tools are available to aid in making a successful, deliberate transition to a resilient, sustainable future? For the first time, the power of permaculture design has been brought to bear on the great transition p...

Environmental and Industrial Corrosion: Practical and Theoretical Aspects

This book will contribute to develop and to apply corrosion engineering control methods and techniques, in particular those being environment-friendly. In this crucial time of worldwide energy crisis and economic turmoil, cost effective corrosion control will extend the life of the infrastructure saving large expenses in materials, equipment and structures. Nowadays, it is generally accepted that in the natural and industrial environ...

Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science

This text provides an accurate and comprehensive dictionary of terms used in the agricultural and environmental sciences, it includes many biological, chemical, and health terms that are important for a full understanding of the subject fields. Presenting thousands of entries, many not found in similar dictionaries, this new reference contains the latest, most up to date definitions and designations of usage in the fields of agricult...