Tumors in Domestic Animals, 5th Edition

"The fifth edition of Tumors in Domestic Animals has some substantial changes from the previous edition, the most immediately striking of which is the inclusion of color, which greatly adds to the illustrative power of the images. This edition contains several new chapters and updates to other chapters. Particularly noteworthy are the new chapters on trimming tissue specimens for submission and immunohistochemistry and updates to cha...

Animal Handling and Physical Restraint

"As a veterinary student, knowing how to handle and restrain a variety of different animals is a necessity. In veterinary school, we are exposed to various species and we need to be confident and competent in how to restrain in order to give the best care possible. Veterinary students will be prompted to handle not only unfamiliar animals, but animals of all temperaments and mind-sets." Animal Handling and Physical Restraint is the a...

Dellmann's Textbook of Veterinary Histology (6th Edition)

  New images and line drawings have been added to enhance the student's understanding of concepts. Two-page insert contains full-color histology images. Comprehensive listings of suggested readings at the end of each chapter encourage further study. The text is organized by body region, allowing the presentation to emphasize comparative species information so students can better appreciate how species differ in regard to key str...

Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry

This is a useful book for those in the veterinary field. It provides a great deal of information for various species in a well-organized manner." "Exotic Small Mammal Care and Husbandry is a fine basic reference for handling and treating small animals in the vet clinic. It covers everything from mice and hamsters to ferrets and focuses on housing, nutrition and diseases. Basic anatomy and preventative care are included in a fine easy...

Mineral Nutrition of Livestock

"In summary the new textbook offers an excellent overview on mineral nutrition of livestock. The book is an essential resource for researchers and students in animal nutrition, agriculture, feed industry and veterinary medicine, and a useful reference for those concerned with human nutrition and environmental protection. The book must become a standard text in the animal nutrition, feed industry and veterinary library."

Veterinary Nursing Care Plans: Theory and Practice

Veterinary Nursing Care Plans: Theory and Practice does a thorough job in defining nursing care plans. Although veterinary nursing plans are not commonly used in current practice in America, the author makes a convincing argument for their implementation. She highlights the importance of providing holistic care, improving client communication, promoting collaboration among the veterinary team, and instituting clinical governance and ...

Multimodal Management of Canine Osteoarthritis, Second Edition

Multimodal Management of Canine Osteoarthritis, Second Edition takes an evidence-based approach to the canine patient with osteoarthritis, pursuing the objective of the best available medicine by a variety of means: multiple drugs, agents, adjuncts and delivery methods. Appreciating that surgical intervention may initially be required, particularly for stabilizing a joint, the major focus in this work is the conservative management o...

The Complete Home Veterinary Guide

I have had cats all my life and this was truly a very helpful guide. Really gives me accurate answers when I can't get into the Vet. Here is THE book for those enthusiasts who want to take intelligent, loving care of their pets — whether that pet be a dog, cat, bird, fish, or some exotic species. This illustrated, A-Z quick-answer guide from popular veterinarian Chris Pinney covers it all: preventive health care, diet, grooming, trai...

Veterinary Forensics

Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony will provide anyone involved in an investigation of an animal involved crime or civil action with the knowledge and tools that can give guidance for their actions in completing a forensic investigation. All 50 U.S. states, and numerous countries around the world, have laws against animal abuse and cruelty. Law enforcement agents, veterinarians, the judicia...