The Big Book of Tiny Art: A modern, inspirational guide to the art of the miniature

This book shares instructions on how to draw animals, insects, food, landscapes. It’s a great guide book for people who already has some basic drawing and painting skills. Most of the paintings were done with watercolor wash and colored pencils. Received my copy today, on time as usual! This book on Tiny Art (miniatures) is really an inspiration. Love the way it is divided. There is a section on painting tiny animals, another on tiny...

Painting the Impressionistic Landscape

You'll want to keep this book handy if you are a painter or just wondering if you have what it takes to take up painting. Dustan shares her approach to creating lively, expressive pictures in watercolors and acrylics. There are step by step instructions and, more importantly for me, she expresses her engagement with the joy and discovery in making a painting. The paintings are beautiful. I look through this book on darkish days just ...

Anywhere, Anytime Art: Watercolor

This book gives the beginning painter clear, direct instructions for painting on the go. It covers all the bases from putting together a travel kit to using value sketches. I ordered this book because I travel a lot and want to improve my woefully clumsey on-the-go painting skills. I am glad I bought it. Now it is up to me to read and heed. As an aside, the illustrations are a delight. It is worth buying the book just to see them.

Water Paper Paint

This book is not only for "painters" but for all types of creative individuals who want to experience and play with watercolor, whether their background is mixed-media, textile art, journaling, or paper craft. Unlike the typical watercolor text books, this unique, beautiful volume is a field book of inspiration, creative ideas, how to's, and projects, all from an artist's perspective. Each creative exercise features a technique, show...

The Bishop's Utopia: Envisioning Improvement in Colonial Peru

In December 1788, in the northern Peruvian city of Trujillo, fifty-one-year-old Spanish Bishop Baltasar Jaime Martínez Compañón stood surrounded by twenty-four large wooden crates, each numbered and marked with its final destination of Madrid. The crates contained carefully preserved zoological, botanical, and mineral specimens collected from Trujillo's steamy rainforests, agricultural valleys, rocky sierra, and coastal desert. To ac...

Art Is Fundamental

This comprehensive art curriculum can easily be integrated into any teacher's existing instruction and provides thrilling and rewarding projects for elementary art students, including printmaking techniques, tessellations, watercolors, calligraphic lines, organic form sculptures, and value collages. Detailed lessons—developed and tested in classrooms over many years—build on one another in a logical progression and explore the elemen...

Edwardian London Through Japanese Eyes

Edwardian London Through Japanese Eyes considers the career of the Japanese artist Yoshio Markino (1869-1956), a prominent figure on the early twentieth-century London art scene whose popular illustrations of British life adroitly blended stylistic elements of East and West. He established his reputation with watercolors for the avant-garde Studio magazine and attained success with The Colour of London (1907), the book that offered, ...

The Joy of Lettering: A creative exploration of contemporary hand lettering, typography & illustrated typeface

With more than 50 tips, techniques, and lessons for creating beautiful illuminated letters and sophisticated lettering projects, The Joy of Lettering takes hand lettering to a whole new level. Gabri Joy Kirkendall (Creative Lettering & Beyond) and Jaclyn Escalera guide readers through a dynamic exploration of the craft, focusing on typography and illuminated letters and numbers using pencil, ink, and marker in a variety of styles...

If You Can Doodle, You Can Paint

Doodle your way into a big painting! Doodling is really just mark making . . . marks that happen when you are otherwise occupied. These intuitive marks that flow from you naturally while you are doodling are an expression of your true style, like your handwriting. This book looks at our doodles as resources; treasures from which we can create full-sized paintings. Even if you don't consider yourself a doodler, the exercises and techn...

Nature's Remedies: An Illustrated Guide to Healing Herbs

Throughout history, herbs have been used medicinally to promote healing and vitality. Think chamomile for better sleep, green tea for enhanced focus, or elderberry for immunity boost. Today, herbs are more popular than ever, celebrated not just for their effectiveness but also as natural and affordable remedies. This beginner-friendly guide welcomes a new generation to the trusted tradition. Engagingly written for a wide audience, it...