Iron Yoga: Combine Yoga and Strength Training for Weight Loss and Total Body Fitness
Iron Yoga: Combine Yoga and Strength Training for Weight Loss and Total Body Fitness

This book was a highly detailed explanation where a person could follow along through the book and I'm sure it's a great companion piece to the DVD, altho I did not purchase the DVD. I decided that at the present time this type of exercise is not my cup of tea and the book was detailed enough that it gave me the information I needed to make that decision. For somebody who decides this is the right thing for them, I think the book wou...

Tree Yoga: A Workbook

Revealing the dynamic bond between man and tree, this inspired yoga handbook offers a detailed review of the ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga and unveils the inner power of trees, as well as their unique characteristics and energies. Yoga exercises based on this wisdom are provided, each of which operates by fostering a connection with the inner essence of a different tree, from birch and lime to elm and rowan. Full illustrations and...

Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit

"In a world that is increasingly complex and stressful, Leah Cullis' inspiring new book Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit invites you to listen to your own inner guide. Leah offers step-by-step instructions on yoga and meditation practices for life today. Filled with knowledge that comes from years of practice and teaching, the chapters offer you a yoga practice that is free of perfectionism and looking right--and is filled wit...

Yoga: The 8 steps to health and peace

The ancient 8-step path to self-discovery illuminated by the world authority on Yoga Yoga Exercise Is Not The End…it IS The Beginning. This is Richard Hittleman's most complete, in-depth presentation of Yoga to date. In explaining the Patanjali structure and how the techniques of six major systems of Yoga can be applied, he now reveals multiple possibilities available to those in quest of fulfillment. Included is the famous Richard H...

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses

This is a really excellent book blowing away all the faux Tantra ideas about sex, and it is a great book on the nuts and bolts of Tantra. The Yantra pictures and the pictures of the Goddesses were in black and white, but really a yantra should be carved on metals such as copper, gold, or silver. I think some of the individuals here were disappointed because they wanted information on the sorcery that is part of Tantra. Frawley mentio...

Débrancher la machine à pensées

Vous arrive-t-il d'être focalisé sur une idée insistante ou envahi par un flot de pensées ? De vous perdre en anticipations anxieuses à propos d'un projet ? De rater un examen à cause du trac ? De ruminer des situations dans lesquelles vous "auriez dû dire cela, faire cela" ? Si oui, vous êtes victime de votre machine à pensées qui tourne trop souvent à plein régime ! Ce que vous vivez est alors parasité par un mental toxique ingérab...

500 400-Calorie Recipes

I am what you could call a professional dieter. Over the last 15 years, my weight has fluctated 30-40 pounds and I have tried everything. I never even considered that losing weight could be as simple as eating 3 400 calorie meals each day. I was able to lose 20 pounds using the Diet to Go meal deliver plan over the course of 7 weeks. I absolutely loved it, and was never hungry, but I couldn't afford to keep paying $160 per week for m...

"Le guide du yoga"

Depuis son célèbre ashram de Pondichéry, Shrî Aurobindo dirigeait un grand nombre de disciples de toutes cultures, de toutes religions et de tous âges.Aux questions nombreuses et infiniment variées posées par ses disciples, il répondait toujours par des explications et des instructions précises, par l'intermédiaire de lettres. Malgré leur caractère personnel, ces indications avaient une portée suffisamment générale pour qu'Aurobindo ...

Yoga for Beginners

Learn Yoga in Your Own Home Yoga for Beginners is the essential guide to getting started with yoga. With a friendly voice and step-by-step instructions, this book offers everything you need to start enjoying yoga's calming and strengthening effects on your life. Complete beginner's guide to getting started with yoga Simple instructions for the 35 essential yoga poses Full-color yoga illustrations 5 restorative yoga meditations Nutrit...

Principles and Themes in Yoga Therapy

Yoga has become increasingly popular in mainstream culture, with varied interpretations of how it should be taught and practiced, and increased awareness of its beneficial effects as a healing modality. As a result, yoga therapy has emerged as an effective alternative approach to health and wellness. Explaining the principles and underpinning ideas presented by the yoga therapy movement, James Foulkes identifies the methods leading t...