Splash 16 – The Best Of Watercolor: Exploring Texture

Splash: The Best of Watercolor

56a6de71b3fe2.jpg Author Rachel Rubin Wolf
Isbn 9781440334696
File size 12.3 MB
Year 2015
Pages 144
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Design

Book Description:

Truly love this book....it gives so many wonderful tips and learning tools for those working in watercolor whether you are a late bloomer in this medium or whether you have used it for years, there is something in the book for everyone. And it is a beautiful read.......to say the least.....the Splash series are delightful, fun, and so full of learning arts....enjoy....as I have and will continue to do as I give each Splash # another read and study....again and again.....sooooooo enlightening!


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    Thanks for sharing. I love your site.

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