Sport and Exercise Science

5bdeadb6dffeb.jpg Author Matjaz Merc
Isbn 9789535137955
File size 5MB
Year 2018
Pages 114
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

The subject of this book is to represent the up-to-date knowledge about etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, and prevention of chronic injuries or sport-related long-term changes in locomotor system.

Professional and semiprofessional sports as well as excessive amateur exercise inevitably lead to some degree of musculoskeletal injury once in a sportsman's career. Some injuries are represented as chronic injuries, which can result in irreversible long-term tissue changes and deformities.

1 Biology of Stress and Physical Performance
2 Biokinetics: A South African Health Profession Evolving from Physical Education and Sport
3 Diagnosis of Motor Habits during Backward Fall with Usage of Rotating Training Simulator
4 The Missing Science: Ethics in Practice
5 Overuse Injuries in Professional Ballet
6 Sports Concussion: A Clinical Overview


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