Structural Fire Loads: Theory and Principles

59a526155b485.jpg Author Leo Razdolsky
Isbn 9780071789738
File size 9MB
Year 2012
Pages 448
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

Tested techniques for designing fire-resistant structures

Structural Fire Loads bridges the gap between prescriptive and performance-based methods for the design of fire-resistant buildings. The book streamlines complex computer analyses so that an approximate analytical expression can be easily used in structural fire load analysis and design.

Simplified versions of energy, mass, and momentum equations are provided in dimensionless form with their solutions in tabular form. Step-by-step examples using standard structural systems, such as beams, trusses, frames, and arches, are also presented in this practical guide. Using the proven methods in this book, all types of fires can be addressed in the design process.

Coverage includes:

  • Overview of current practice
  • Structural fire load and computer models
  • Differential equations and assumptions
  • Simplifications of differential equations
  • Fire load and severity of fires
  • Structural analysis and design


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