The Surgery-Free Makeover

All You Need to Know for Great Skin and a Younger Face

The Surgery-Free Makeover: All You Need to Know for Great Skin and a Younger Face Author Brandith Irwin
Isbn 9780738211183
File size 3.2MB
Year 2008
Pages 304
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

The calendar and mirror may say 40-something or 50, but the spirit inside says 30. Yet for many women, plastic surgery is too expensive, and most don't want to end up having that “Oscar-freeze” look. With more than fifteen years' experience, Dr. Irwin distills all her expertise to help women look their best with minimum fuss and expense. Most women have a finite list of issues they'd like to correct: undereye bags, upper lip lines, that annoying forehead crease. Akin to having a personal skin consultation, Dr. Irwin walks readers through each problem area. Whether recommending a new product, filler, or laser treatment, she arms women with practical tips they can use, including which of the latest technologies to trust (and avoid); how to look younger on a strict time line; and how to maintain that youthful glow once you get it back!


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