Tamayura: Origami

Tamayura: Origami Author
Isbn 1792795831
File size 6.74MB
Year 2020
Pages 91
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

This book gives step by step instructions for 'kusudama' of modular origami. Modular origami can assemble small folded units to create complex shapes like 'Kusudama'. The unit named 'Ohana' introduced in this book is a universal unit that can create multiple shapes (polyhedrons) with the same unit. The unit types introduce all 19 types, including basic forms and their variations. It can be made from a small model of only 6 sheets to a large model of 150 sheets, and a total of 282 models can be created. In this book, photos of 77 works are shown as examples. All units use square paper and you can start making them right away. Instructions use a lot of pictures and photos to make it easy for beginners to understand. This book gives contents that can be enjoyed for a long time from beginners to advanced users.


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