Teach Yourself Chess Fourth Edition

5834ed7eccfc0.jpeg Author William R. Hartston
Isbn 9780340927274
File size 9MB
Year 2006
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

Teach Yourself Chess contains all you need to know to learn and develop an understanding of good chess. It begins with the basics, the moves of the pieces, elementary tactics and basic combinations to force checkmate. It then explains how to fight for control, how to exploit strengths and weaknesses and how to develop a strategic plan. It also includes useful commentaries on historic games and exercises for the reader. It has an accessible style which won't overburden you with too many complex ideas too quickly, but gradually builds your understanding and confidence.


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  • rcchessacademy 17/12/2018 at am8:41

    Some of my favorite books are not available here like Think Like a Grand Master by Alexander Kotov, Jacob Aagaard Excelling Series

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