TextAppeal - For Girls!: The Ultimate Texting Guide

5886f409acf71.jpeg Author Michael Masters
File size 0.7MB
Year 2012
Pages 76
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

The world is changing, but are you changing with it? Now that dating has gone digital, is it still the same? Clearly not, the digital world is flooded with entirely new problems which rend many new relationships apart. Texting is one of those key areas that is so little understood in digital dating. Textappeal, has all the answers, not only what to avoid, but how to actually use this new medium to your greatest advantage. Any woman armed with this knowledge will certainly have a TON more SATISFYING dates, with a TON more men. Don't underestimate this, I did, and I had no idea what I was destroying and completely missing! Communication is KEY and Mike shares all the secrets. - Kim Hess "Divorce Guru"


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