The ABCs of Breastfeeding

Everything a Mom Needs to Know for a Happy Nursing Experience

571250495cb0e.jpg Author Stacey H. Rubin
Isbn 9780814480571
File size 1 Mb
Year 2011
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

"A solid alternative to the classic Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (7th revised ed. 2004), this will serve as both an informative and a reassuring book to any mother. Recommended for consumer health and public libraries... Her fascinating client stories, interweaved throughout, effectively illustrate the issues and success of new and experienced breastfeeding mothers alike; end notes from mostly medical and nursing journals titles support her content."

For the new mom and her baby, breastfeeding provides countless physical and emotional benefits. Breast milk provides proper nourishment, helps strengthen a baby’s immune system, and deepens the mother-child bond. However, breastfeeding doesn’t always happen as naturally as one might expect. As a Neonatal Practitioner and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (and mother of two), Stacey H. Rubin knows the difficulties new moms can experience. Now, in The ABCs of Breastfeeding, she offers a practical and reader-friendly guide that will help every new mother feel comfortable and confident about feeding her baby. From pregnancy to weaning, this helpful book will show nursing mothers how to:

find a doctor who is breastfeeding-friendly • hold their baby comfortably after birth • recognize the signs that a baby wants to be fed • take necessary steps that will prevent breastfeeding difficulties • build a healthy milk supply • manage the right diet • continue breastfeeding immediately after returning to work • know when to stop breastfeeding

Illustrated with real-life stories from the author’s own private practice of women who have overcome common and not-so-common breastfeeding difficulties, The ABCs of Breastfeeding will help expectant and new mothers turn their nursing experiences into a joyful one—for themselves and their new babies.


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