The New Woman:(Flashpoints)

Literary Modernism, Queer Theory, and the Trans Feminine Allegory

00579563_medium Author Emma Heaney
Isbn 9780810135536
File size 2.07MB
Year 2017
Pages 368
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

"The New Woman is an exciting breakthrough for scholars and armchair readers alike who are seeking to put the femme in feminist studies, lesbian studies, and even queer theory."

Heaney provides insightful and informed analyses of a wide range of writings from the modernist era, in the context of medical, psychoanalytic, feminist and material challenges to binary notions of gender and sex. Reading what she terms a 'trans feminine archive' of first-person accounts, Heaney argues against the figural appropriation of the trans feminine, detailing a range of trans experience and the various ways individuals have related to their bodies and sex experiences. Her argument is compelling, important, and timely.


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