Thermodynamics: From Concepts To Applications (2nd Edition)

570b9a544f5ed.jpg Author Arthur Shavit and Chaim Gutfinger
Isbn 9781420073683
File size 56 MB
Year 2008
Pages 642
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

There are many thermodynamics texts on the market, yet most provide a presentation that is at a level too high for those new to the field. This second edition of Thermodynamics continues to provide an accessible introduction to thermodynamics, which maintains an appropriate rigor to prepare newcomers for subsequent, more advanced topics. The book presents a logical methodology for solving problems in the context of conservation laws and property tables or equations. The authors elucidate the terms around which thermodynamics has historically developed, such as work, heat, temperature, energy, and entropy. Using a pedagogical approach that builds from basic principles to laws and eventually corollaries of the laws, the text enables students to think in clear and correct thermodynamic terms as well as solve real engineering problems. For those just beginning their studies in the field, Thermodynamics, Second Edition provides the core fundamentals in a rigorous, accurate, and accessible presentation.


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