The Third Century: U.S.–Latin American Relations since 1889

(Latin American Silhouettes)

51erhIkRyoL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author David C. LaFevor, Mark T. Gilderhus, and Michael J. LaRosa
Isbn 9781442257153
File size 15.7MB
Year 2017
Pages 336
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

The first edition of this book, Gilderhus’s The Second Century, has been a respected standard treatment of US–Latin American relations since its publication in 1999. After the author's death in 2015, historians LaFevor and LaRosa proposed a revised and updated edition. They have respected Gilderhus’s work, maintained his standards, and left most of his prose intact, and their contributions have made this an excellent new edition. The authors have updated the chapter on Cuba, added a chapter that demonstrates changes in the post–Cold War relationship, updated the bibliography, added a photo section (most are LaFevor’s photos from Cuba and Mexico), and included a brief historiographical essay as a preface. The final chapter broadens Gilderhus’s traditional diplomatic approach. It includes a section on trade (and NAFTA in particular) and one on sources of conflict between Latin America and the US, as Gilderhus did, but it also investigates cultural cross-fertilization. As the Hispanic population of the US has increased, Latin American cuisine, literature, music, sports (soccer and Latin players in Major League baseball), and movies have traveled north as regularly as US influence travels to Latin America. A worthy successor to the first edition.


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