Thus Ruled Emir Abbas (african Historical Sources)

Selected Casese from the Records of the Emir of Kano's Judicial Council

Thus-Ruled-Emir-Abbas-Selected-Casese-From-The-Records-Of-The-Emir-Of-Kanos-Judicial-Council-african-Historical-Sources Author Allen Christelow
Isbn 9780870133596
File size 18.6 MB
Year 1994
Pages 305
Language English
File format PDF
Category Politics and Sociology

Book Description:

Thus Ruled Emir Abbas is an important new research tool that reveals much about daily life in Kano, the wealthiest and most populous emirate of the African Sokoto Caliphate. It contains a selection of Kano Judicial Council documents, as well as their English translations, that deal with matters such as land disputes, tax collection disputes, and theft. These documents are invaluable resources that reveal much about Kano social, economic, and political life before the region came under the influence of colonial institutions, law, and language. This selection of records for more than 415 cases, along with their translations, will become essential reading for those interested in Nigeria’s past and will certainly become a standard work in the field of Nigerian history and anthropology.


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