Tones and Tunes: Typological Studies in Word and Sentence Prosody

59b1fe7606fa5.jpg Author Carlos, Gussenhoven, Riad, Tomas, and Tomas Riad
Isbn 9783110190571
File size 6.22MB
Year 2007
Pages 385
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other

Book Description:

Despite the recent advances in the integration of lexical tone and intonation in phonological theory, all too often the study of  intonation and the study of lexical tone are viewed as belonging to different research traditions. This collection strengthens the integrated approach by studying tone and intonation within a common framework, and by tracing their interaction in specific prosodic systems. Some papers deal with the structural properties of lexical tone and intonation, while others focus on the historical development of prosodic systems. The volume also includes a re-evaluation of a classic paper on the typology of tone rules, and a survey of features signalling question intonation in African languages.


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