Type Systems for Distributed Programs: Components and Sessions

5864e6442a5b9.jpg Author Ornela Dardha
Isbn 9789462392038
File size 6.91MB
Year 2016
Pages 192
Language English
File format PDF
Category Mathematics

Book Description:

In this book we develop powerful techniques based on formal methods for the verification of correctness, consistency and safety properties related to dynamic reconfiguration and communication in complex distributed systems. In particular, static analysis techniques based on types and type systems are an adequate methodology considering their success in guaranteeing not only basic safety properties, but also more sophisticated ones like deadlock or lock freedom in concurrent settings.The main contributions of this book are twofold.

i) We design a type system for a concurrent object-oriented calculus to statically ensure consistency of dynamic reconfigurations.

ii) We define an encoding of the session pi-calculus, which models communication in distributed systems, into the standard typed pi-calculus. We use this encoding to derive properties like type safety and progress in the session pi-calculus by exploiting the corresponding properties in the standard typed pi-calculus.


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