The Ultimate Energy Projector (Hero System 5th Edition)

5883651358b5d.jpeg Author Steven S. Long
Isbn 9781583661031
File size 6.53MB
Year 2007
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

PURE ENERGY One of the most popular archetypes in roleplaying games is the energy projector the character who commands the awesome, elemental powers of energy, whether he s a Fire Bolt-flinging wizard in a Fantasy game, a superhero who glows with raw power as he shoots beams of pure energy, or an energy-manipulating alien in a Science Fiction setting. The Ultimate Energy Projector is your guide to creating and playing energy projectors in the HERO System. It deals with all facets of energy projection powers in HERO System terms, from the mechanical aspects of creating them to using them in your campaign properly. It includes: guidelines for creating energy projectors, including a review of various HERO System elements Skills, Powers, Disadvantages, and more as they especially pertain to energy projectors the Energy Spectrum, a systematic review of over 30 different types of energy with detailed information and rules about how they function realistically, how they interact with one another in game terms, and how to build abilities with them and use them in your campaign a genre-by-genre review of energy projectors with sample characters for each type of campaign expanded guidelines and rules for adventuring and combat with energy projectors Prepare to feel the power with The Ultimate Energy Projector!


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