Undaunted: Life's Toughest Battles Are Not Always Fought In A War Zone

561fcb037fe34.jpg Author Christopher Mark Heben and Dustin S. Klein
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Year 2015
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Book Description:

Undaunted is the true life story of former Navy SEAL and Private Military Contractor Christopher Mark Heben. Undaunted gives the reader unreserved insight into Chris' rise to glory, including his time at BUD/S (the Navy's elite SEAL program); his felonious fall from grace after helping out a friend and finding himself caught in the U.S. legal system; and his self-willed seven-year battle to forge himself anew. Backed by a never-say-die attitude, Chris wins back his life and is further able to regain the good graces of his community. He shares stories about how he became a television military expert after the death of Osama bin Laden, his work on numerous television documentaries, and his entrepreneurial endeavors. Chris delves into his work as a Private Military Contractor at Blackwater and his myriad experiences in Northern Africa and in the Middle East--including the evacuation of an American Embassy. Undaunted is a story that will make you think, cheer, cry and reflect upon your own life. In the end, Chris lives by the most important mantra of them all: A warrior never leaves anyone behind on the battlefield, including himself. Advance Praise for Undaunted: "Real and raw, just like the man and his band of SEAL brothers who forged him. Heben is no Angel (by his own admission)--he is a warrior and a Patriot that will not quit. A must read!" -- Scott McEwen, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of American Sniper and national bestseller Sniper Elite novel series. "Chris Heben has lived one hell of a life, and he tells his story with more candor, humor, and gusto than any author I've read in a long time. Plus, I learned how, in a pinch, to cut off a friend's damaged testicle. James Patterson wouldn't know where to begin!" -- Jack Cashill, author and Emmy Award-winning producer
Chris Heben has written an outstanding autobiography. For those that don’t know of him, he is a former Navy SEAL and Private Military Contractor. To put it mildly, he has had quite an active and exciting life for someone only approaching middle age.

If you’re looking for a book on Navy SEALs, check. If you’re looking for a book on what it’s like to be a PMC, check. If you’re looking for a book that will give you an attitude adjustment and prompt you to get up, do more than you think you can, and persevere, check.

Chris Heben is a sort of Renaissance man in the sense that he is in the Brotherhood of the toughest military force on the planet, received his degree as a Physician’s Assistant and practiced medicine both in the civilian world and the military, worked for Blackwater as a PMC, put out his first country album, built a number of successful businesses, is literate in a number of disparate specialties and has been to Africa to save elephants by taking on poachers…and lived to tell about it all.

And tell he does in this book. Chris is honest, forthright and not afraid to show you his flaws, strengths and everything in between about his life. The ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you want to read the story of a pretty unique individual that perseveres through some of the worst life has to offer, is extremely resilient, especially in dangerous situations, and never quits, check. Read it and learn, laugh and feel the urge to salute the flag because we have people like Chris standing on the wall to protect our country.


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