Urbanisation In South Asia: Focus On Mega Cities

5726ad8369477.jpg Author R. P. Misra
Isbn 9789382993094
File size 17.9 MB
Year 2013
Pages 532
Language English
File format PDF
Category Economics

Book Description:

South Asia is urbanizing at a rapid pace and the problems arising due to urbanization are serious indeed. The mega cities are the engines of economic growth; but, at the same time, they also lead to inequality, poverty and global warming. This book discusses the urban landscape of South Asia, with an emphasis on the role of mega cities in furthering socio-economic development in the region. It analyses the urban growth processes in the region in the context of regional geography, population growth, economic development and technological environment. Deliberating on the current urbanization process, it tries to initiate a dialogue on how South Asian countries can learn from each other to resolve the problems specific to their region. Furthermore, the authors underline the policies that the national governments may follow in order to ensure organic development of the cities. The pragmatic suggestions made in the book would open new avenues for solving the problems associated with urbanization. The book will appeal to graduate students and researchers of urban planning, architecture, urban geography, urban economics and urban sociology. It would also be of interest to agencies and institutions responsible for urban policy and planning at global, regional, national and local levels.


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