Vegetarianism. Movement or moment

Vegetarianism. Movement or moment Author Donna Maurer
File size 1MB
Year 2002
Pages 224
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

I loved this book, even though I am not a vegetarian. This is because Dr. Maurer's writing style is excellent; she knows how to convey what she's writing about without making it sound like a lecture. It reads like a real book, supplying many facts, insights and ideas that propel you from one page to the next. It's not preachy at all, she just tells you what vegetarianism is about, and what life is like for vegetarians (The answer to that would be pretty much no different from a meat-eater). There were a lot of interesting little tidbits in this book, like how many Seventh-Day Adventists are vegetarians, and how many Yoga practitioners are also vegetarians. I also liked reading about the efforts of individuals and groups to convince food vendors (Restaurants, school lunchrooms, etc.) to offer meatless choices as part of their menus. So, if you're at all interested in the subject matter, this would be the best place to start learning more.


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