The Volcano Adventure Guide

004dcf26_medium Author Rosaly Lopes
Isbn 9780521554534
File size 30.5MB
Year 2005
Pages 362
Language English
File format PDF
Category Travel

Book Description:

Are you a tourist? Do you want to see a volcano? An active volcano? Or maybe a geyser? Then this book is for you! Beautifully illustrated, with excellent maps, it tells all about what you can see and what it all means.

Rosaly Lopes, an award-winning volcanologist, describes the different types of volcanic eruptions, and then gives some advice and rules for visiting volcanoes safely. If you are serious about being in a potentially dangerous area, that means helmets, gas masks, gloves, sturdy boots, and eye protection. She also gives some advice on volcano photography.

Next are field guides to visiting specific volcanoes in Hawaii, the continental USA, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Costa Rica, and the West Indies. There's all kinds of material about each of the major volcanoes and geysers there. In addition, there is some practical advice. Don't carry a purse in Naples! Lopes had two of them stolen less than twelve hours apart there. In Iceland, we see a photo of the Viti ("Hell") crater with a thick layer of ice over part of it, proving that Hell can freeze over.

Lopes has personal accounts of her visits to many of these volcanoes. That includes her first visit to Arenal, which could have been dangerous and is used as an example to show the importance of knowing exactly where one is and just how dangerous the volcano is. And there's all sorts of anecdotal material. For example, Mount Kilimanjaro, a very beautiful African volcano was given as a birthday present from Queen Victoria to her grandson, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

This entire book is simply fascinating. I highly recommend it.


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