Websocket – Lightweight Client – server Communications

56c9dec7baeb9.jpg Author Andrew Lombardi
Isbn 978-1449369279
File size 21.2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Web Development

Book Description:

Great in-depth book on WebSocket

This book is well written and contains a number of examples which always help me integrate a new technology faster. It isn't just about the basics of WebSocket but goes into detail about security aspects to take into account, how to get over the hurdles present in older browsers, and how to integrate a protocol and layer it on top of the WebSocket protocol.

Best thing about the book is I can give him the chapter on security and make sure they can properly watch out for the attack vectors explained in the book. Highly recommended book if you're looking to migrate your old long polling and move to WebSocket.

For developers with a good grasp of JavaScript (and perhaps Node.js), author Andrew Lombardi provides useful hands-on examples throughout the book to help you get up to speed with the WebSocket API. You’ll also learn how to use WebSocket with Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  • Learn how to use WebSocket API events, messages, attributes, and methods within your client application
  • Build bi-directional chat applications on the client and server with WebSocket as the communication layer
  • Create a subprotocol over WebSocket for STOMP 1.0, the Simple Text Oriented Messaging Protocol
  • Use options for older browsers that don’t natively support WebSocket
  • Protect your WebSocket application against various attack vectors with TLS and other tools
  • Debug applications by learning aspects of the WebSocket lifecycle


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