Weight Loss for Food Lovers: Understanding Our Minds and Why We Sabotage Our Weight Loss

595a1278e3542.jpeg Author George Blair-West
Isbn 0977516008
File size 1.3MB
Year 2008
Pages 242
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

You know that you should eat less fattening foods and exercise more. The real question is: Why don't you?
Do you know what you should do to lose weight but find you don't do it?
Do you know what you should eat but find yourself sabotaging your healthy eating plans?

Has this left you feeling like a failure?

Are you sick of trying - and then failing - to lose weight?

Do you believe it's so hard to lose weight that you would rather just eat the foods you love?

Have you lost weight only to go through the disappointment of putting it back on again - and often more!?

Would you like to learn how to overcome the common psychological obstacles to weight loss, rather than be told, again, just to go and discipline yourself to do it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't worry - you are perfectly normal! Traditional diets have a failure rate of more than 80%. Why? Because traditional diets and exercise programs focus on what we eat rather than why we eat - they require too much sacrifice, too much self-discipline and normal people - 80% of people give up.

We have a powerful psychological link to food - good food and drink is the most fun we can have in public - our mind does not give it up easily! If we try to lose weight without dealing with these feelings we need too much self-discipline and we will fail.

"Amazingly, at least for me, most weight loss programs completely neglect what I am convinced is the main game - dealing with the psychology and sabotage of the weight loss challenge. On a daily basis as a Psychiatrist, I live in the minds of overweight clients - before you go on another diet, please allow me to share with you what I have learnt over the years." - Dr George Blair-West MBBS, FRANZCP, LFOPATS.


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