Willow in the Wind: Wing Chun's Soft Approach

5befdc06af16e.jpg Author Donald Mak
Isbn 9781523994960
File size 7.77MB
Year 2016
Pages 96
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

The southern Chinese martial art of Wing Chun is known for its fast and aggressive attacks, such as chain punches to the head or finger thrusts to the eyes, but its best fighters are those who have mastered its more advanced, “softer” elements -- the ability to use structure and footwork to absorb, neutralize, and dissolve an opponent’s attack before counter-striking. In Willow in the Wind, Sifu Donald Mak explains the benefits and efectiveness of Wing Chun’s soft approach. A senior student of Master Chow Tze-chuen, one of Grandmaster Yip Man’s most devoted elder disciples, he has been teaching and practicing Wing Chun for almost 40 years both in Hong Kong and around the world. Sifu Mak is also the founder and Chairman of the International Wing Chun Organization (IWCO), which has over 100 aliated schools in 16 countries around the world. One aspect of Wing Chun’s soft approach that is often underestimated, or simply not taught, is the role of footwork, together with Wing Chun’s “shadowless kick.” Willow in the Wind devotes two entire chapters to these unique aspects of Wing Chun, teachings that also mark an important return to its fighting origins. Grandmaster Yip Man was known to have trained just as hard on his footwork and kicking as he did on his hand fighting.


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