Wine Lover's Devotional

365 Days of Knowledge, Advice, and Lore for the Ardent Aficionado

5dc4d017df0b8.jpg Author Jonathon Alsop
Isbn 1592536166
File size 114MB
Year 2010
Pages 320
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

For true oenophiles, there is discipline, devotion, and strict traditions to follow. For the general population, oenophilia is simply "the love of wine". By nature, wine lovers are collectors: bottles, vintages, countries of origin, and more. Wine Lover's Devotional is a year-long collection of insight and eclectica for the passionate wine lover. Each day of the week is given a wine-themed category: Monday: The Language of Wine; Tuesday: Wine Grapes; Wednesday: Wine & Food; Thursday: Putting Wine in its Place (Wine Geography); Friday: People Make Wine, Wine Makes People; and Saturday + Sunday: Weekend Wine Adventure. Wine Lover's Devotional uses hundreds of years of tradition, tasting notes, recipes, colorful trivia, and intriguing histories to inspire the oenophile in all of us.


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