Wonders: Spectacular Moments in Nature Photography

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61J1btKSCYL._SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author California Academy of Sciences
Isbn 9781452164564
File size 159.74MB
Year 2018
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

This book is filled with spectacular nature photographs that will delight any enthusiast. It’s pulled together by the California Academy of Sciences where they have an annual BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition. The book is a collection of the winning photographs. The first image is of a polar bear just as she’s about to break the surface of the water looking directly through the camera lens with a soft pink glow of the horizon with the low sun in the background. As breathtaking as it is, you’re immediately aware of the position of the photographer in his tiny boat.

Each photograph is accompanied by the photographer’s story and thoughts from the academy scientists that deepen your understanding of what you’re seeing.

I found the backstories of what went into those shots absolutely fascinating. The photographers are braving the elements and wildlife, and then place their position and timing bets based on meticulous studies, and even with the best planning, still require all the luck in the world for it to work out. There are a few photos of the photographers in their natural habitat in the book and those give you a glimpse of their planning process.

At the end of the book, they introduce you to each of these photographers and tell you where they’re from and what their specialty is.

I’ll be sure to add a trip to the Academy of Sciences to my next San Francisco trip. They have a planetarium, aquarium and natural history museum right at Golden Gate Park.


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