Wrestling - The Making of a Champion: The Takedown

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Year 1979
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Book Description:

A world-championship wrestler and outstanding teacher gives a move-by-move guide to the takedown, the most crucial maneuver in wrestling. The book includes nearly a thousand action sequences - photographs that contrast a black wrestler with a white wrestler against a measured horizontal and vertical grid designed by the author. These photographs show clearly the relative position of the wrestlers in each move, enabling novice and expert alike to learn the techniques of champions.
Bob Douglas shows beyond a doubt that the key to successful wrestling is a working knowledge of all the components of a takedown - the set-up, the penetration, and finally the second move. Knowing one component is not enough, and until the appearance of this book, too little attention has been paid to the set-up and the second move. Here you will learn all the basic principles common to takedowns; you will be alerted to the countermoves your opponent might make and will be shown how to deal with them.
Through illustrations that are remarkable for their clarity and through Bob's easy-to-follow instructions, the wrestler can learn several set-ups for each takedown and several second moves from each set-up, thus gaining the flexibility to become a champion.


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