Write It Right By Ambrose Bierce

Write It Right By Ambrose Bierce Author Ambrose Bierce
File size 13336KB
Year 1909
Pages 40
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

Several hundred of Bierce's pet peeves. Bierce's list includes some distinctions still familiar today. The which-that rule, less vs. fewer, lie and lay – but it also abounds in now-forgotten shibboleths: Ovation, the critics of his time agreed, meant a Roman triumph, not a round of applause. Reliable was an ill-formed coinage, not for the discriminating. Donate was pretentious, jeopardize should be jeopard, demean meant "comport oneself," not "belittle." And Bierce made up a few peeves of his own for good measure. We should say "a coating of paint," he instructed, not "a coat."


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